DevCom Sales Quiz

How do you know if you need sales help? The following DevCom Sales Quiz can help. Our Sales Solutions Assessment quiz is designed to bring to light some very specific topics that you and your company may be facing today.

Do two or more of these 10 sales problems apply to you?

  • I have a new sales v enue and need a sales/marketing process for it
  • My sales are stalled or erratic
  • My existing customers aren’t buying
  • My revenue pipeline is erratic from month to month  
  • I need new sales but can’t dedicate my time to get leads 
  • I don’t want the expense of hiring someone so I can dedicate my time to sales
  • I had a bad experience hiring and managing a sales staff
  • I invested a lot of money in a sales staff but got minimal return 
  • I’m creating a new venture
  • I have a special sales or marketing project that needs more attention than I can give it

If two or more questions apply to you then take advantage of our free checkup where we’ll

  • look at your current revenue-generating processes
  • deliver two revenue enhancing ideas
  • create one follow-up task, and
  • discuss future actions

Even if just one question describes your situation, that's one standing between you and optimal sales. Review the DevCom process, read our testimonials, then contact us to find out how we can help you remove this one barrier to sales success.

DevCom's Sales Solutions have been tested and evolved for decades. Contact DevCom now to find out How to Increase Sales for your business.

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