The DevCom Marketing and Sales Consulting Process

The DevCom marketing and sales consulting process uses a four-step consulting process to create customized marketing and sales programs that rapidly enhance revenue growth for SMEs. Our consulting services are provided with a focus on your unique service and resources in mind. Our marketing and sales consulting process includes the following steps...

Step 1 - Diagnostics:

Diagnostics - The first step in the marketing consulting process is to do a thorough audit of your current sales & marketing efforts. The goal is to isolate the precise areas in your marketing that are your biggest assets and opportunities

Notice the difference? DevCom hones in on what you do best. While other consultants try to find what’s broken and rebuild it from the ground up DevCom understands that you have powerful strengths that can be maximized and grown to support the rebuilding process. 

This, by far, is the quickest way to experience rapid change and revenue growth. Finding and building on your greatest strengths right from the start gives you that kick start you need to build momentum while you’re going through the marketing and sales consulting process. 

Bringing in the DevCom consulting process to look from an unbiased point of view on where you are now, and where you could and should really be, will uncover simple yet profound areas to improve. 

It all starts here with our Signature Brand Audit

Step 2 - Strategy:

Strategic Development - Once functional assets and strengths of your organization have been defined, they must be built on immediately for optimal results.  

The key to quantum growth and results in marketing is in the strategy you use. It is one thing to execute marketing tactics* but if the proper positioning and understanding of the ideal client are identified the goal of revenue enhancement is rapidly accomplished at a reasonable cost!   

Without strategy definition participation in tactics usually ends up as exercises in futility. Strategy first, then tactics. Always.

*Tactics are items such as your website, social media, sales process, direct mail and the marketing calendar. 

Step 3 - System:

Development of your Marketing System

Once we understand the strategy, your DevCom consultant can start to work with you to develop the components and implementation plan of an effective marketing system.

NOTE: This is simplified for a reason. You don’t know the Catalyst Marketing System yet, and we don’t know your specific situation yet. So it’s next to impossible to say exactly what you need in your business right now.  

Step 4 - Continuous Improvement:

Taking it one step further, we tweak the new revenue growth program, evening out the peaks and valleys in sales production and ensuring consistent monthly sales. We are with you for as long as you desire filling the role of Sales and Marketing Executive in your organization.

But, if you are looking for that magic pill or one hit “marketing wonder” that will fix your present and future success… this program is definitely not for you!

Our process is easy to use, because we’re with you every step of the way.

And the best part? Our process lets you focus on running your business, not "sell"ing. 

Whether you need marketing consulting or sales coaching or both, DevCom can help. So contact us for a Free 30 Minute Assessment today and get on the path to rapidly enhanced revenue right now.